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Mark Holmes
Mark Holmes
Just recently finished my second set of lessons as a high handicap golfer. My goal was to be able to play to a handicap and feel a measure of control / confidence around a course. Richard (Coach) clearly explained and helped me improve my technique, and I've had the results both in social golf and more recently on a day with customers where I've been able to relax, enjoy the game and hold my own on the team score ! Thanks Richard.
Robert Laurent
Robert Laurent
This is the perfect place to improve your game! And so much fun! Getting in touch with Rick was the best golfing decision I have made. Rick’s method of teaching is scientific but very easy to grasp and understand. Once you complete the introduction you appreciate how his methods are proven to deliver results…FASTER! Add the around the clock practice access to the facilities and technology the golf school is the best place to improve and develop your game. Working with Rick from March I have rebuilt my swing, significantly changing my path and angle of attack. The awareness and understanding I now have around my swing really helps mid round. Having not broke 80 for over a year I have shot three consecutive medals in the mid 70s and lost a full shot on my WHS. Thanks Rick can’t wait for the next stage.
Kenny Grant
Kenny Grant
I have been having lessons with Richard for over a year and have gone from struggling to post any kind of score in medals to competing consistently and even winning several competitions. Whilst patience is definitely needed should you decide to take up lessons, I have definitely seen this pay off in the long run and look forward to continuing my improvement at The Golf School. You also have all the golfing technology you could look for to analyse everything about your game, so this provides excellent feedback during practice sessions and lessons.
when I had come to a point that I was not enjoying my golf i went to see Richard based on proximity and reviews,Richard taught me more about understanding the golf swing than any previous lessons I had taken. My goal was to re invigorate my love of golf, which has been accomplished, this was achieved by understanding what I was doing within the swing and building confidence and routine, i played the first handicap qualifying round off the whites last saturday and my WHS index has gone down, 100% down to what I learnt from Richard.
Lyam Hutchinson
Lyam Hutchinson
Richard is a great coach and has helped me see significant improvements in my swing. The facilities he offers are second to none and make starting a package with him great value for money. Highly recommend.
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas
Been utilising the facilities at the Golf School for a couple of years now, can't recommend enough. With a package of lessons under my belt the handicap has dropped, the game is better and more enjoyable to play. Richard is an excellent coach that tailors the sessions very much to the individual, which I now believe is a big part of what you're paying for without realising. Highly recommend, if we were both in prison, I'd protect him if he dropped the soap in the showers. The best place to learn golf in Manchester without a doubt.
Dan Rowe
Dan Rowe
I walked into the Golf School about 8 months ago with 15 year old clubs and no golf swing. Richard has been instrumental in developing not only my golf game but also my passion for getting better. My first round in Sept 2021 I shot 120 compared to my last round where I broke 90. His ability to deliver key information in a concise and personable way makes him an impressive coach. There is nothing he enjoys more than celebrating in your progress and success and I highly recommend no matter what standard you play at.
Kyle Fleming
Kyle Fleming
Popped in for a lesson while visiting the area. Top notch facility and Richard knows his stuff - What more can you ask for?
Claire Wilde
Claire Wilde
As a new golfer, I first went to Richard for a club fitting. I was immediately impressed by the data analysis he presented to me after I tested a number of different brands and models of irons. This allowed us to make an informed decision when choosing the set to order. Once my set of irons arrived I initiated my first block of lessons at The Golf School. As anyone will know who plays golf, there are so many elements to a golf swing but the highly technical launch monitors, camera systems and teaching aids that Richard uses at his facility really help you to understand your swing and see the impact when you make changes. When things don’t go so well you can more easily identify which area you need to work on too. The indoor facilities allow you to continue with lessons and practice no matter what the weather, enabling further improvement throughout the winter season when you might otherwise have not been out as much as you would have liked. Richard is a great communicator and he ensures you have a clear understanding of his teaching. He is informative and friendly and delivers his lessons in a relaxed environment. I am incredibly pleased with the progress I have made since having lessons with Richard and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game technically but also psychologically.
Richard Baker
Richard Baker
I was struggling with my game and frustrated with watching endless YouTube game improvement videos. I eventually took the plunge and decided to commit to a package of lessons with The Golf School. Richard’s teaching methods are second to none; you learn to coach yourself in the process. The quality of my game has now hugely improved and I’m definitely starting to see the results from the time and effort. Massive thank you to Richard for his support.

Welcome to The Golf School

We give you the tools to progress as a golfer

Every golfer has the ability to improve, often substantially. if this is your goal, we welcome you to The Golf School. As golf coaches, we understand how to get the best out of your swing. We use our knowledge and skills to guide, explain, demonstrate, focus, encourage and show possibilities.


Go through the fundamentals and start playing better golf. Richard puts you in the best position to progress.


Use The Golf School to practice. Use our video equipment to reinforce that what you’re learning is correct.


Play on our golf simulator and experience some of the best courses in golf. Warning! This is seriously addictive.

What level are you performing at?

Every student has weaknesses and strengths and we work with you to identify how these impact on striking the golf ball resulting in better performances for you out on the course.

Beginner Golf Lessons

As a beginner golfer you need to concentrate on the fundamentals of the game of golf. This is including the set-up, short game, long game, driving, putting and being introduced to the golf course. We do this in a way that is simple, but still ensures you have fun learning at each stage in the learning process.


At the intermediate level, we look to improve and refine your technique, offering greater understanding of your golf swing. You have identified areas in your game that need improving. We can offer you clear explanations on why you aren’t successful and how you can achieve significant improvement and progression in your game.


For advanced players, we assess every part of your game that affects your performance and identify where gains can be made to make the key differences in lowering your score. Techniques can include swing and alignment changes, strength and conditioning, psychological techniques, as well as examining your equipment.

Who's teaching? Our Head Coach is Richard Gilling

Master practioner & certified trainer of neuro linguistic programming performance coach.

For the last twenty years, Richard has been teaching and helping golfers just like you go from struggling to get around a golf course to getting on the course with confidence & ability. It’s not only Richard’s technical teaching that sets him apart, Richard is an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming which is all about refocusing your perception & improving your decision making in any situation on the course.

Make learning golf fun at The Golf School

Whatever your strengths, whatever your weaknesses we can help you to achieve what you want to in golf. We build golf instruction around every individual, helping you to get the best possible results from your golf swing. We offer golf lessons in Manchester, our students come from all over the north west to improve their game.

All equipment provided

Real feel grass hitting surfaces

Supervised practice sessions with your coach

Indoor lesson putting facilities

Experienced PGA coaches

On-course video playing lessons


Popular FAQs

Where in Manchester are you located?

We’re located in Altrincham, just 7 miles south of Manchester.

What level of golfers do you teach?

We teach a range of golfers from the very beginner to the advanced.

Do you offer golf lesson packages?

Yes, you can purchase a single lesson or choose a package to your liking.

I've tried other lessons and failed, do you guarantee progress?

Richard is so confident that you’ll progress at The Golfschool that if you don’t see improvement you can redo the programme.


The Golfschool

Please contact us if you require more information. We offer golfer’s help with their game 7 days a week helping golfers from across the North West to achieve the golf swing that they want. You can use the contact form, send us an e-mail or give us a ring during regular business hours. If we don’t get back to you right away we’re probably teaching.

Open 7 Days a Week

Monday/Friday 7 / 21:00
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4 Teaching Bays

Our group lessons have the capacity for four students making it perfect for learning in bite-size chunks.

20+ Years Experience

We’ve helped over 10,000 students from across the North West.

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