Start enjoying playing golf by learning the basics with our Beginner Golf Lessons

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Start your golfing journey at The Golf School

Welcome to The Golf School where we offer world-class golf instruction and facilities for players of all ages and skill levels.

Foundation building

Learn proper technique from the start for a solid golfing journey.

Confidence boost

Gain skills and knowledge to feel more comfortable on the course.

Avoid bad habits

Get expert guidance to prevent developing incorrect swing mechanics.

Personalised Advice

Receive tailored feedback to address your specific needs and improve efficiently.

Richard Gilling

PGA Professional

Create a Swing

Create a new swing that you can build and grow, becoming more consistent and more enjoyment.

Make Progress

Here at TGS we focus on continual progress, helping you to become the golfer you want to be.

Shooting over 100? Let's change your game

If you’re continuously coming off the course disappointed, it’s time to make a change. Come down to The Golf School for an assessment.

Short Game

Master chip shots, pitches, and putting techniques to finesse your performance around the green with precision.

Long Game

Develop powerful drives, accurate iron shots, and consistent fairway play to conquer longer distances with confidence.

Mental Game

Enhance focus, resilience, and strategic thinking to navigate challenges and maintain composure throughout your golfing journey.

What our students say about us

Our students rave about The Golf School, praising our expert coaching, friendly atmosphere, and transformative impact on their game – a testament to our commitment to excellence in golf instruction.

Richard's coaching has been a game-changer for me. His meticulous attention to technique, coupled with a passion for the sport, has refined my skills. Under his guidance, I've seen remarkable improvement. I wholeheartedly endorse Richard for golf enthusiasts seeking excellence.

    Curtis Hughes

    5 Handicap

    Watch our intro and elevate your tennis skills and game with us.

    Choose the best membership plan

    Discover unbeatable value with our transparent and competitive prices. We offer quality services at affordable rates, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your investment in every product or service we provide.


    Comprehensive evaluation for personalised improvement strategies.

    £45/per 30 minutes

    60 Min Lesson

    Focused coaching for significant skill enhancement in one hour.


    Full Program

    Structured series for sustained progress and lasting golf proficiency.


    FAQs from our students

    We can often accommodate bookings within 24 hours. For up to date information please give us a call or email us.