Best Shoes For Golf | 2020

Like many golfers, are you playing golf in the wrong sized golf shoes?

What golf shoes are popular right now?

Footjoy FJ ARC XT golf shoes

Adidas Tour 360 XT Primeknit golf shoes

Nike Roshe G Tour golf shoes 

Under armour hovr fade SL E golf shoes

With so many golf shoes to choose from how do you find the right one’s for you?

  • Find the best golf shoes for you
  • How to find the best priced golf shoes
  • Tips on how to keep them in peak condition

After speaking with a few shops, we’ve got the latest information you need to find to get you the perfect fitting golf shoes. Did you know there’s a lot who are playing golf right now with incorrectly fitting shoes and it’s mainly down to the width. Golfer’s aren’t identifying the correct sizes of their feet which can easily be done using a Brannock foot measuring system.

Buying Golf Shoes. Everything you need to know.

Buying the wrong golf shoes is more common than you’d think. Often people just go in to a shop, estimating what they need based on their other shoes and be on their way and it’s not until they are out on the golf course and been playing a while that they realise the shoes aren’t fitting so perfectly.

Think about it. You’ll be walking around in them for four to five hours at a time so you’ll want to be finding a comfy pair of which will get you through your round of golf without causing you any pain or discomfort.

The choice of golf shoes is now better than ever. Forget the old-style “boring” styles and say hello to some new jazzy ones which don’t just keep your feet happy but they also look pretty cool too. Also, think about how much do you play golf? For the golfers who play once a week, that’s 52 times a year, it’s crucial to have a comfy pair. And if you’re playing that much it’s probably wise to have at least two pairs, so you’re doing over doing one and also it’s great if you’re playing in the wetter conditions like in the UK.

From your golf shoes you want;

  • Traction
  • Stability
  • Waterproof
  • Grip

You might be thinking the golf shoes you pick won’t help out your swing but think about it like this. Your feet are the base of your swing so you want to have a pair that you’ll be feeling comfortable in, have a snug fit and if you’re in the UK a pair that can repel water, so your socks don’t get soaking wet.

Why do we wear golf shoes?

Are golf shoes just a marketing ploy to get more money out of golfers? Surely you could just put on a pair of trainers and go down to your local golf course right? Well, the rules are you’ve got to wear golf shoes and it’s a wise one, just imagine wearing trainers out a damp course, you’d be slipping everywhere.

Keep your stable during your swing & after (don’t underestimate the post swing routine)
Designed to support your posture
More breathable than other types of shoes
Varying levels of support and comfort
Provides traction in slippery conditions

What Type Of Materials Are Used To Make Golf Shoes?

Most golf shoes are manufactured using two materials:

Natural Leather Golf Shoes

By far the most popular option, natural leather gives a feel that few other materials can come close to. By having a leather shoe you’re guaranteed that the shoe

  • They won’t be stretching and losing its shape.
  • It will also fit better
  • You’ll be safe from water
  • Synthetic Material Golf Shoes

Synthetic Material Golf Shoes

Cheaper than leather, synthetic golf shoes aren’t terrible however because they are made with polyester rather than a more natural material this doesn’t give you the feel or durability you’d be getting from a leather shoe.

Waterproof golf shoes vs water-resistant golf shoes (and water repellent)

Nobody wants to have cold, wet feet out on the golf course. Many golfers can get confused about certain terminology especially when they hear the term water-resistant, water repellent and waterproof. If you’re playing in wet climates a lot or even a bit, then you really need to get waterproof golf shoes. This means that your shoes don’t let ANY water in whatsoever. Water doesn’t seep in anywhere and your feet have the best protection against moisture.

Water repellant & water-resistant shoes will be “resistant” too low levels of moisture. With water repellent golf shoes even though the material doesn’t have a hydro-static head you’re still getting a basic level of protection against water because there’s some coating placed over the material. Both water repellant & water-resistant shoes should be fine in a quick shower but for prolonged use in a wet environment then waterproof is definitely the best option to choose.

Different types of width of golf shoes

Catering to different feet, find golf shoes that accommodate your feet without pain after long term use.

Narrow Width Golf Shoes

Needed if you find your feet have too much room causing you to have less stability in your swing

Extra Narrow Golf Shoes

For very narrow feet.

Wide Width Golf Shoes

If your feet have to be squeezed in and it’s fine at the toes and uncomfortable on the soles or sides of the feet then you could be benefiting from getting a pair of wide fit shoes.

Extra Wide Fit Golf Shoes

If you’re having the same problems with wide as some do with regular then the next step up is extra wide.

Replacing your spikes is fairly simple. When you bought your golf shoes they should have come with a t shaped tool which unlocks the spikes much like a screwdriver does.

Simply turn your shoes upside down, locate the hole and get unscrewing. The process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to removes the spikes from both shoes.

Once done, give the sole a good clean and screw in the new spikes. You’re now ready to get on the golf course with better grip.

The benefits of soft spiked golf shoes

Golf shoes started coming with rubber spikes in the 1990s and became the norm in the 2000s on golf courses across the United Kingdom.

The problem with the metal spikes was they destroyed greens, tee boxes and other delicate areas around the golf course, especially in wetter climates.

  • They are friendly to the grass
  • They provide you with the grip needed to benefit your golf swing
  • This helps give you stability and helps you generate more energy when swinging the club
  • They dig in to the ground but are easily removed so you’re not left stuck there
  • It’s simple to replace your soft spikes

The most popular brands of golf shoes

Footjoy golf shoes are probably the most popular. Why? Well, it seems they are actually bringing joy to golfers feet world wide. Not the best brand for golfers on a budget but remember you’re buying quality and FootJoy golf shoes are built to last.

Footjoy also has a great range of styles from the more traditional looking shoes to the more modern and even a few additional extras.

AdidasGolf Golf Shoes

Offering a varied range, Adidas produce some cracking looking golf shoes. But did you know how many different technologies are available to help your game with Adidas?


No, your shoes aren’t going to be sending you flying around the golf course. Boost technology by Adidas is basically a pillow on the sole of your shoe that cushions your foot. The material used is called Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). What happens when this material comes in to contact when the ground and faces pressures, it acts as a shock absorber which instantly returns to its original shape.

This technology has undergone many temperature-sensitive tests. The results? Boost technology is up to THREE times more temperature resistant compared to stand EVA material. Did you know? Boost technology is even used on Kanye West’s Yeezy’s. We don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing


Bounce Midsole technology is created by using EVA foam. This foam has been engineered to provide the wearer with a responsive and elastic experience.



Designed to repel water and whatever else is thrown at them on the golf course keeping your feet dry & comfortable for the entire round.


Think of adiwear as a drainage system for your foot. Adidas has patented a drainage system that integrates into the midsole of the golf shoe. This material is extremely durable especially with its non-marking rubber which is perfect for courses where your shoes will be facing more abrasion. This material doesn’t wear and tear easily.


Basically climate-proof shoes that will protect your feet more than the average shoe. Climaproof technology is a weather protection aid which helps to regulate the temperature of your body whilst protecting your feet from the elements. And it’s not just super for the rain, wind and snow. They can also be worn in warmer climates as the material is easily breathable which allows for the easy escape of moisture.

Nike Golf shoes

If you’re a fan of Nike trainers then you’re going to love what Nike have to offer. Whilst the range isn’t quite as huge as Footjoy, Nike do offer a fantastic selection of golf shoes that blend functionality and style. Nike Golf shoes are designed to provide golfers with a lightweight shoe that not only offers comfort for the foot but for helps with support to giving you that “locked-in” feeling.

  • Advantages to ordering from
  • They deliver 7 days a week
  • Standard delivery ships in 2-3 days
  • You can select the day and hour of your delivery after ordering
  • Click & Collect at Nike Stores and hundreds of other convenient locations
  • Changed your mind? Return your order for any reason, for free, within thirty days.

How to correctly maintain your golf shoes

It’s important to maintain your golf shoes. It’s simple and doesn’t take long.

After every round give your shoes a clean with a damp cloth removing any grass or other debris from around the spikes and around the shoe in general

Top Tip – In wet weather use a Tee to get rid of any grass built up around the spikes as you play. With grass being stuck to the bottom of your shoes this can affect your stability and reduce traction.

How to make sure you get perfect fitting golf shoes if they are a little big?

  • Double up on the socks
  • Grab yourself an insole
  • Add some material towards the end of the shoe. Don’t overdo it but this can really help. When adding the material be careful not to add too much as this can cause friction between your toes and the material. Also, you want to make sure it’s fairly stable.
  • Try wetting them. This may sound a bit weird but did you know by wetting your shoes and letting them dry in the sun or more realistically with a hairdryer here in the UK (don’t hold it too close to the shoes) then your shoes will dry and shrink a tiny bit. If you’re using leather golf shoes then just get a fairly damp cloth or spray bottle and get to work on getting them wet. This can work on other shoes too and if they aren’t leather you can just dunk them in water. Obviously, you don’t want this to work too well and your size 12 golf shoes aren’t just going to a size 8 but this can really help to shrink those millimetres.

TOP TIP: What you can also do is let your shoes dry on your feet. This might not be the most enjoyable experience but drying on your feet can help the shoes mould to the shape of your foot.

How often should I replace the soft spikes?

The reason golf shoes have soft spikes is to give you more grip. Because you’re forever walking in them, over time, the grip becomes less and less and you’ll notice you’ll start slipping more.

Sometimes when you’re walking and sometimes when you are swinging, you don’t want to be in the position where you’re slipping all over the place.

We find when you get new shoes it’s best to order a few extra pairs of spikes too

How To Replace your soft spikes?

Replacing your spikes is fairly simple. When you bought your golf shoes they should have come with a t shaped tool which unlocks the spikes much like a screwdriver does.

Simply turn your shoes upside down, locate the hole and get unscrewing. The process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to removes the spikes from both shoes.

Once done, give the sole a good clean and screw in the new spikes. You’re now ready to get on the golf course with better grip.

How long should my golf shoes last?

This really depends.

Firstly, how often you play and where you playing are major contributing factors. The more you play, the quicker they’ll wear out especially if your playing in wetter climates.

The quality of the shoe.

What we find is that at the start of every season, most golfers like to treat themselves to a new pair. Go on, you’re earned it

Should I get custom fitted golf shoes?

You can get custom fitted golf clubs so why not get some custom fitted golf shoes? Arranging a fitting will take out all the doubt and make sure you end up with the best fit possible. The best thing about Footjoy shoes is that you can buy them in different sizes, so if one of your feet is a different size, not just a little bit smaller or bigger, you can get a size 10 for the left foot and a size 11 for the right foot, how cool is that?

8 types of pain your feet can suffer from badly fitting shoes.

Foot pain can come from a huge range of things, not just playing golf. Did you know there was a survey done in the USA which showed that 77% (of those 77% only 1/3 would seek medical assistance) of Americans have suffered foot pain with half of adults saying that pain in the feet stops them from doing things they want to, eg walking & exercise which is having a further detrimental effect on your feet and for some people their quality of life? How crazy is that?

In golf, you might not be thinking it but the feet are put under pressure. When you swing a golf club, the body is acting as a whip. Your body is generating power which starts with the feet anchoring and pushing against the ground with each foot moving differently.

The back foot must allow for more pronation when you’re in the process of the golf swing and following through putting more stress on that foot.

  • Altered Sensation
  • Blisters
  • Burning Foot Pain
  • Cramp
  • Foot Rash
  • Numbness in The Foot
  • Swollen Feet and Ankles
  • Thickened Toenails

What Type Of Feet Do You Have?

Whilst all feet are pretty similar, did you know that no two feet are identical? We’re not messing around here, all feet are different and do you want to know the most surprising thing? You probably have no idea what type of feet that YOU have.

Low arch (aka Flat foot)

With a low arch foot, this means the majority if not all of your foot would show up in a footprint. As the foot falls inward, this reduces stability which can cause pain to the foot, the heel, the knee and it can also cause tendonitis & give you bunions.

Medium arch (aka Neutral foot)

This is the most common type of foot with over half the population having this type of foot. The most common types of problems with medium arch feet are heel pain and discomfort with the balls of the feet. With a medium arch foot, the footprint is less defined than a low arch

High arch (Pes cavus)

A high arch basically separates your footprint into two different sections. The heel of the feet and the balls of the feet appear with the arches missing. When you’re golfing it’s important to make sure your foot has support. Because your type of foot has less service area than other types of feet, this places more pressure upon the balls and heel of the foot which increases the chances of problems in both areas.

You would probably benefit from getting some insoles which are design for high arch feet. This provides comfort and support and will help act as a shock absorber reducing the pressure on the foot.

Where to buy golf shoes online

Do golf shoes really affect how you play?

It may seem a bit trivial but golf shoes can definitely have an impact on how you play. For example if there's a lot of movement of your foot in the golf shoe then you're losing stability.

Do i have to pay a lot to get good golf shoes?

The best way to get the best golf shoes at the lowest prices is by buying last seasons models.

Can i get custom fitted golf shoes?

Yes, for custom fitted golf shoes FootJoy offer the best experience. The best thing about Footjoy golf shoes are that you can buy a pair with a 10.5 left and 11.0 right.


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