Custom Fitted Wedges

Improve bunker play and confidence around the green

Customise your wedges for you

Custom fitted wedges in golf are specialised golf club wedges that are designed and manufactured to fit the individual specifications of a golfer such as swing style, lie angle, loft, and grip size. The process of custom fitting a wedge involves measuring and analysing a golfer’s swing and then using that information to craft a wedge that is tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Custom fitted wedges can improve a golfer’s accuracy, control, and overall performance on the golf course. They are highly sought after by golfers of all skill levels who want to take their game to the next level. A service page selling custom fitted wedges would offer golfers the opportunity to have their wedges custom made to fit their individual needs, providing them with a unique and customised golfing experience.

What are the benefits of fitted wedges?

Improved Accuracy: Custom fitted wedges are designed to match a golfer’s unique swing, which can help them hit more accurate shots and reduce the number of missed shots.

Better Control: By having a wedge that is specifically designed to fit their individual needs, golfers can have better control over their shots, which can lead to better accuracy and more consistency on the course.

Increased Confidence: Golfers who use custom fitted wedges can have greater confidence in their clubs, which can translate into improved performance on the course.

Increased Comfort: Custom fitted wedges can also provide improved comfort, as they can be designed to fit the golfer’s preferred grip size and weight.

Improved Performance: The combination of improved accuracy, control, confidence, and comfort can lead to a noticeable improvement in a golfer’s overall performance on the course.

Increased Value: Custom fitted wedges can also add value to a golfer’s club collection, as they are unique to the individual and can provide them with a customised golfing experience.


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