What’s the best scoring methods? Well, that depends on how you score best.

When every shot counts, golf can be a very unforgiving sport but when every shot isn’t vital, you can find it a more fun experience which is why so many various methods are used to calculate golf scores at golf tournaments.

Match Play Method

Playing match play is one of the most preferred methods. This is where every hole is a win lose or draw. If you make the lowest score on that hole, you win it’s as simple as that. At the end each of the holes is added to see who won the most. The one with the most points is victorious.

Match play is preferred amongst so many players because every hole is a fresh start. Hit an 8 on that par 5? Who cares? Jimmy got a 4 anyway, so even if you got a 5 you still would have lost. This makes it easier to go on to the next hole knowing you’re previous high score isn’t effecting the overall game, just that one hole.

Stroke Play

Playing with the devil, stroke play is serious stuff. Every singly shot on the course’s matters because at the end they are all being added up to big one big or small score.

The pressure is on with stroke play and if you’re playing with someone who is a level above you, you’re going to find it really difficult to score well.

Stableford scoring.

Stableford scoring is a great method to use for golf tournaments, our corporate golfers love it and it can be competitive for all levels of golfers.

The scoring is all based on your handicap, so players with a handicap of 20, will find on the two hardest holes, which could be say a par 4 and a par 5, then a 6 and 7 respectively will see that golfer gaining 2 par points.

Double bogey / + = 0 points
Bogey = 1 point
Par = 2 points
Birdie = 3 points
Eagle = 4 points
Double Eagle

Best Ball / Better Ball

This format involves teams from two to four with the option of playing either stroke play or match play as mentioned about. Everyone tees off and plays as normal but instead of being dependent on you, who ever gets the lowest wins.

So if you’re playing with someone vs two other people, out of the four scores it’s only the lowest two on each team that matters. If you get a seven on a par three but your playing parter gets a 2, and the two others on the other team both par it and get a three, you win, happy days.

And don’t think that this is only compatible with even numbers. If there’s just three of you playing, you can do this with the strongest player playing solo. You’ll be teaming up with the other and you’ve got two chances to beat the stronger player.
When competition with larger teams, say if there’s 4 golfers you can play two best balls to make it so there’s more at stake and teams aren’t just relying on the skill of the best golfer to get them victory.

Texas Scramble

Usually played with stroke play, a scramble is always fun especially on corporate golf days, everyone loves playing Texas Scramble Golf. It’s really simple to play with everyone teeing off as usual. Messed up your shot? No worries, you get to choose the best out of all the drives that have been taken to determine where you all take your next shot from.

This process repeats itself until the ball is in the hole. It’s a team game, so just one score is being recorded for each hole. At the end of the round the team with the lowest score are the winners.

Alternate shot / foursomes

It’s exactly how it sounds. Play the alternate shot method is also known to some as foursomes. Here, you’re playing as a team, on the first hole you identify who’s going to go first. Think about this wisely, you want to be playing to your strengths so look at what holes you and you partner and evaluate it based on your strengths and weaknesses.

This method is often played with both match play and stroke play scoring.

Four ball

Teams of two, playing four ball uses the better ball scoring method and can use either of the stroke play or match play methods. To win the hole 1 point is awarded to the golfer who has the lowest score on that hole and that point goes on the teams tally.

If two golfers on opposing teams happen to score the same then that hole is halved. The team with the most points at the end wins.


Skins is great to play with a few mates especially one’s who are worse than you at golf. On every hole there’s a prize which is called the skin. If you’ve got four people playing say for example you each put £18 in the prize fund, each hole would be worth £4.

If players scores are tied then the skin isn’t split or shared it just moves on to the next hole being added to the other skin, so £8 would be up for grabs on the next hole, and £12 on the next hole if that wasn’t won. What happens if the skin isn’t won on the last hole? If the hole is shared by two or more golfers then they go in to a sudden death. If two player’s scored the lowest, the other players are eliminated and it’s on to the next hole until someone wins it.


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