Why do we wear golf gloves?

Why Do Golfers Wear A Glove?

Your only point of contact with the club. We’re not here selling golf gloves or linking you to places to buy them so we get the commissions.

Honest advice for golfers looking to improve their game. Often an afterthought, a golf glove is worn on the leading hand at the top of the grip. So righties have it on the left and lefties have it on the right. The Golf glove definitely shouldn’t be neglected.

Choosing between all weather & leather golf gloves

Player’s aren’t using them for every shot though, generally for chipping, pitching and putting gloves aren’t worn.

Have you ever thought should I start wearing a golf glove?

Regular VS Cadet glove. When it comes to sizing there’s two main categories.

Regular is for longer fingers and narrower palms
Cadet – For shorter fingers and wider palms

Finding the right fit & performance level for you

If you have you’re not alone. This is a question asked by golfers daily and the usual answer is YES, definitely get yourself a glove and probably a few extra too.
 But why? Does the glove help you to grip the club?

Increased protection of the hand

Whilst it does help you to the grip the club, providing that you have a correctly fitted glove in the first place, wearing a golf glove most importantly protects your hand. The majority of golfers have a firmer grip of the club than looser. By having a firm grip this:

Increase wear and tear on your hands
Increases tension
Wear out your grips quicker
Make it harder to create a consistent swing

By wearing a glove you’ll be benefiting by:

Get a better grip on the golf club

Imagine gripping the golf club without a glove. The club is moving through your hands with a firm grip, the grip on your golf club will rub against your hands.

Easier to maintain the grip meaning LESS wrist action.

And if you’re playing regular golf then that’s going to cause a problem. By wearing a golf glove this helps create more friction, protects the skin on the hand, provides a better grip with less chance of the club slipping out of your hands due to sweat, dirt on the grip or rain.

Remember: When picking a golf glove that’s soft, for example leather, it will wear out quicker than thicker ones. 

You know the look of gloves when they are worn out, often the material is breaking and stretching. That’s taking the heat from your swing and instead of tearing your hand up, it’s tearing the leather.

Are gloves expensive?

You can find gloves from under to a fiver to around the £15 mark.

Where to buy golf gloves?

You can find them at most golf clubs, golf shops and some sports shops. You can also find them simply online and on amazon however we recommend that you always try the glove on first before buying them.

Palm on golf glove has excessive wear?

If you’re seeing excessive wear on your glove around the palm then that’s probably a sign that you’re gripping the club too strongly with your palms.
This is incorrect. You should be gripping the club more with the fingers.

Another possibility may be that the glove isn’t fitting correctly.

Or you might be seeing too much movement in your hands.

How to make your glove last longer.

Give it a light wash with a tiny amount of water and leave it to dry out in the fresh air. Don’t wear your glove for the whole round. Take it off between shots.

You may want to take a few extra gloves along with you.

Replace after about 20 rounds or when it’s noticeably degrading.


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