Don’t have golf insurance? That could be an expensive mistake

  • What types of golf insurance is available?
  • What golf insurance will cover you for?
  • Who to go with?

Firstly, you should be checking out  your home insurance to see if they cover you. Home insurance can be a lifesaver sometimes, but often insurance companies aren’t insuring people when their clubs leave the house or their house insurance doesn’t cover their golf clubs at all.

Golf is a dangerous sports. There’s no getting around it. You’re firing a tiny ball hundreds of yards and most of us have bad ball navigation skills meaning the ball can literally end up anywhere.

It’s not the 90s any more. People don’t just take things on the chin and get on with their life. They want paying and compensating which unfortunately that’s going to be creating a lot of stress for you.

But it’s stress you could be avoiding.

30, 40, 50 some golfers are hitting the ball 60 yards off the target line. Now thing it only takes just one time to hit some square in the face and cause permanent and life changing damage

And it’s not just them, think, what would happen to you if you got hit with a golf ball at full speed? You’re definitely going to be needing to take some time off work and that doesn’t come cheap.

For example:

  • Injuring someone out on the course. Potential cost £35,000
  • Damaging Property surrounding the course £10,000
  • Hitting a car in the car park £2000
  • Having a golf ball hitting you £30,000
  • Other injuries sustained on the course £11,000
  • Hole in one bar bill cover £175
  • Golf holidays abroad offering world wide cover £40,000

The golf club probably isn’t going to have  insurance for you

This might be surprising to hear, even if you’re a member of a golf club, that they don’t actively include insurance in their subscriptions.

Do you really need golf insurance? The answer to that is hopefully going to be no, but with so many situations that could potentially arise it makes sense just to get it, have it sorted and have that extra peace of mind.

Personal liability cover up to £5m

Accidents are expensive. Injuries can happen in golf to the arms, legs, body and head meaning the costs could be in the hundreds of thousands or millions

Large amount injuries with people playing golf

It might seem like a quiet , relaxing game, but injuries can happen anywhere on the golf course.

  1. Huge costs associated with injury

There’s not just one way to lose out on the course. With all the potential factors that could happen, the majority of them aren’t cheap.

Personal possession protected from theft

A relaxing drink after the 18th might be a little less relaxing if your clubs are getting stolen whilst that’s happening. Thieves are common at Golf Courses as bags with equipment could potentially be worth thousands.

You should be leaving all valuables at home, it’s not just clubs that can get stolen out side, they can be stolen from inside locker rooms too, where you could also face losing your wallet, watch and other valuables too.

Personal possessions protected against loss

Have you ever lost anything out on the course? Mishaps can happen, from dropping a wallet, to an expensive watch, to a mobile phone. The best advice is to leave all valuables at home that you don’t want to be risking being stolen. 

Forgetting your clubs even for a few minutes, you’re clubs could be stolen by the time you’re arriving back at the club house.

Person possessions protected against damage

Damage can happen anywhere and with such expensive equipment you don’t want to be out of pocket paying for something you’ve damaged.

Your home insurance probably won’t have you covered

This is surprising to a lot of people. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t be covered for other injuries but what about your equipment, are they insured? They are probably insured but not once you leave the house and that’s where you’ll be using them 99% of the time.

The cost of replacing golf equipment could be thousands

Think how much you’ve spent on building up your golf bag.

Golf insurance is relatively cheap

For what you’re being covered for, golf insurance is an absolute bargain. No one want wants to be wasting money, but the fact is if you’ve had golf insurance for the last 10 years and you’ve never once had to use it, that is money well spent.

It only takes a second for something to happen, it’s better to be prepared for it.

Plus if you get injured Club subscription reimbursement is available

Could you imagine if you’d just paid £3,000 to join the local golf course and on day 1 you got hit with a golf ball putting you out of action for a few months and out of golf for perhaps longer.

It’s no small amount of money and with golf insurance, you can be covered to anticipate this type of situation.

Potential Dental Treatment 

Imagine being hit in the mouth, knocking out a tooth or two? Or hitting someone else in the face. And if it’s at the front? That’s not going to be a pretty sight so it’s important you get yourself protected to protect your smile and others.

Loss of golfing trophy

A very, very rare situation but who knows, this could happen and it can be covered too. You’ll probably have had one too many beers and the trophy could end up with a loser.

Hospitalisation costs

Golf insurance can also help you out with hospital costs should the unfortunate happen.

Hiring golf clubs, you can be covered for this too.

This is one another one of those situations where you’re thinking by hiring a set of clubs you are already getting insurance as part of the rental fee by the golf club. You may find yourself going all over the country and choosing to hire clubs instead of lugging yours around with you.

But what happens if they were to get stolen? The club will be expecting you to be paying the bill to replace them and that’s not going to be cheap. Have the added peace of mind by purchasing golf insurance. 

Insure your golf buggy

Something else that is often over looked on the golf course. Let’s be honest, we all love getting a buggy from time to time (some a lot more than others) and a lot of us love to treat the buggy like it’s an F1 car. We know from experience that accidents can happen on buggies, it might not be a huge one but costs can easily run in to the thousands from an injury.

And we’re not saying that by having golf insurance you should be driving over high bunkers to see how much air time you can get.

Hitting someone when practicing

On the practice range, it might have surroundings with public walkways, golf insurance can also protect from injuring them too. It’s rare that you’re going to be hitting someone, but it does happen. Knocking someone out on a gravel path leading to them falling on the ground could cause significant brain injuries.

Do i really need golf insurance?

You probably won't need it but for the small cost of cover, it definitely makes sense.

How much is golf insurance?

Golf insurance starts from around £20

Can golf insurance include my family too?

Yes, you can find policies to include you and your family.


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