What makes a good golf suncream?

A high SFP is usually what’s looked for when looking protect the skin from the sun. An SFP is a Sun Protective Factor which is an index which shows how much a particular sun cream protects your skin from the sun.

The 4 SPF levels are:

  • 6 – 10 = Low level protection from the sun
  • 15 – 25 = normal protection from the sun
  • 30 – 50 = high protection from the sun
  • 50+ = Very high protection from the sun.

Protecting yourself from the sun

  • High factor sun cream
  • Reapply sun cream on the 9th hole
  • Wear a hat with wide brims or caps with neck protection
  • Be generous when putting on sun cream
  • Be cautious how much time you’re spending in the sun.

It’s not just hazards on the golf course you need to look out for. The sun is one of the biggest hazards on the course but so many people don’t take the precautions they should do to protect their skin.

Being out in the sun for hours can damage your skin, it’s vital that in order to protect your long term health, you need to keep your skin in good health too. And that’s why sun cream comes in.

Protect your skin throughout the day, UV light is a majorly factor in causing skin cancer. Whilst here in the UK, we don’t have that much sun, when the sun does come out it’s powerful and it can burn your skin in just a matter of hours.

Have you heard of Dermaswing Sun Cream?

It’s like a regular sun cream but better. In fact it’s a lot better, why?

Dermaswing offers you extremely high protection from the sun. It has an SPF factor of 50+ which is out performing the majority of sun creams out there. And sun cream is important, especially playing golf in open areas where the sun will be beaming down on you for up to five hours.

Dermaswing is also sweat resistant, so that means that it won’t be getting wiped off your skin and leaving you exposed by the 5th hole, also it doesn’t drip in to the eyes and it’s non greasy and which means you won’t be feeling sticky all over.

Which makes it the perfect suncream to use out on the course. Perhaps the best thing about this suncream is you can use it on the go and fast. Forget getting out the cream and squirting in to the hand. With Dermaswing you can just roll it on your skin which makes it incredibly simple & fast to apply.


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