Keeping your cool on the golf course

Sun can seriously affect your game at the time and for days to come. Keep yourself protected.

When it’s hot it’s a fabulous excuse to get yourself out on to the golf course but sometimes it’s hotter than we think it’s going to be and this can have a serious affect on not just your game but your health. Exposure to sun for the time it takes to get round a golf course especially at the hottest times of the day will take its toll but there’s a few things you can do to help you keep cool.

It’s also important to keep cool when on the course. With the heat it can be extremely hot especially during mid afternoon,

So how do you stop yourself over heating on the golf course?

Staying hydrated

Good hydration is one of those things that can be over looked before going out on the course. And it’s not about downing a litre before you start playing either.

Once you start playing, you don’t want to be experiencing hunger or thirst, you don’t need an extra distraction.

Play early morning or late afternoon

It’s common sense to avoid the hottest times in the day but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Golf is great any time of the day but there’s something truly special about playing on a sunny day just before sun set.

Avoid dark coloured clothing

Dark coloured clothing attracts the sun and it’s heat to you and wearing it will do you no favours. Look out for lighter coloured clothes.

Wear breathable clothing

Don’t be wearing polo shirts that are clinging to your body. During walking around the golf course and swinging you need flexibility in your dress and material that will help your body absorb the sweat and help cool your body.

Bring your umbrella a long

Umbrellas are fantastic for shading you from the sun. Think of long par 5’s where you can be exposed to the sun on the back of your neck. Stay shaded with an umbrella.

Use sunglasses to protect your eyes

The eyes can be damaged from looking at the sun and playing golf, you’re eyes are going to be getting some direct attention. Get sunglasses from a reputable seller ( not at the local market on holiday) to protect your eyes from the sun.

Avoid drinking beer

This article is all about keeping you cool, and we’re here to tell you how but we’re guessing many will avoid this one. Unfortunately, golf can be made better with a few beers out on the course, but it’s not doing your body temperature any good.

Don’t park your car in the sun

This one is more for after but the last thing you want after around of golf is getting in to your car and it’s boiling. Ok, maybe there’s worse things that could happen like your golf clubs being stolen but it’s not going to be enjoyable getting in to a boiling hot car when you’re needing to cool down.

Bring an ice pack (or 5) along

Ice pack are a great way to help keep you cool. Place them on the head and around the wrists to help cool your body temperature.


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