What’s the first thing every golfer wants to do?

That’s right, smash the ball down the fairway. But do you know why you can’t?

The most common cause of poor distance and accuracy from the tee is poor set-up.

To hit a golf ball with a long highflying trajectory, which rolls upon landing, it is necessary to create a sweeping motion with the clubhead on the upswing as it strikes the ball.

The most common faults are for players to still set-up to the ball as if they were playing a mid iron; the weight 50:50 on both feet, hands ahead of the ball and the ball position being middle of the stance.

This set-up promotes a steep angle of attack into the ball, creating a glancing blow on the ball and lack of power. The results using this stance can be topped or skied shots, creating only a small percentage of your true power potential.

When the iron stance is used for the driver, the weight is encouraged to be positioned on the left foot at the top of the back swing, which is called a reverse pivot.

How to increase your drive and get more distance from the tee

  1.  Tee the ball higher with at least half the ball showing above the club in set-up.
  2.  Place the ball opposite the armpit to help promote an upward strike.
  3. Tilt your shoulders slightly to the right, with the left shoulder now being higher than the right in set-up.
  4. Widen your stance slightly (feet shoulder width apart from the inside of your feet)
  5.  Fifty five percent of your weight on your right side.
  6.  Your hands should be opposite the inside of the left thigh.
  7. Grip the club with light pressure (imagine holding a tube of toothpaste with the top off without any coming out.
  8. When all of the above is done correctly your weight will then be better placed onto the right side, allowing for more potential power.

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