Thinking of planning a corporate golf day?

Here we share some of the hints and tips we’ve picked up after 10 years of hosting corporate events.

10 reasons to organise your corporate golf day….and how to plan it.

Everyone loves to get out of the office and what better way than with hosting a corporate golf day?

Are you one of those bosses that always think I’ll plan my corporate golf day next year but you just never get around to it? Stop procrastinating and start planning. Your golf day is going to be a success and these are just 10 reasons why and how helping you planning a corporate golf day.

Have fun & getaway for the day or stay over too. The number one aim of your golf day is for people to have fun. Everyone loves a day out of the office and they’ll love your golf day even more if you do it right.

Have fun & get away for the night or two.

The number one aim of your golf day is for people to have fun. Everyone loves a day out of the office and they’ll love your golf day even more if you do it right.

4 hours time with people you normally only have minutes to talk with

You can make the teams to ensure you get the right people talking.

Show off your company & get your name out there

Show off your company & get your name out there. If you’re proud of your company, hosting a corporate golf day is pretty cool. When everyone’s having a good time, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some photographs and videos for your website or social media. Associating your brand with positivity and smiley face is definitely a win.

A great way to show appreciation to current clients

A great way to show appreciation to current clients. Every client has a choice of who to get the products you sell from. They choose you and in many cases they choose you over and over again.

Hosting a corporate golf day or another type of day for your clients is a great way just to show a bit of appreciation. And remember if everyone loves the day then the cost of the day is minimal.

Thank your staff & strengthen relationships

Let’s be honest, your staff work hard for you. Ok well most of them do. Did you know that it’s said 80% of the work done in a business is done by 20% of the people?

Well, get that 20% of people and even the rest if you’re the generous type and host a golf day.

Help out a local charity

Local charities are always in need of help and what better way to help them out than with some donations on your golf day.

You can choose a variety of ways to donate too. One of the best ways is to get a prize donated and offer people the chance to win it on a Par 3 with a closet the flag competition.

Win some pretty epic prizes

Win some pretty epic prizes. You can get some prizes donated but to bring the glitz to your corporate golf day, you need to bring out the big guns. Think about how much you’d be looking forward to the day and now think about how much better it would be if there was the chance to win some money. And we’re not just talking about a £50 voucher for the local boozer.

You can have the options to win £5,000, £10,000 and even up to £20,000 on some corporate golf days just for getting a hole in one.Yes, the odds are heavily against you but you have to be in it to win it. And if you are in it, you’re in with a chance.

Now what about planning the corporate golf day?

Here at The Golf School we specialise in helping large businesses host their days.

If you’re planning a corporate golf day and you want to save some cash and sort everything out yourself, we’re also here to help. Here we lay out some of the most important aspects which will help you come up with a plan for your corporate golf days.

Setting a budget

Set a budget and stick to it. Not too sure how much is should cost? Try asking people who’ve hosted in them in the past. Generally speaking you should be setting a budget of around £1000 – £50000 depending on the amount of people going and the level of event management you want. If you’re a smaller business and your budget is tight look in to smaller golf clubs in your area.

For businesses with bigger budgets, you have your choice of the better courses including some of the best courses around the UK.

Getting the venue right

You want a venue that show’s your business in the best light. The venue is most dependent on the budget but don’t be put off if you’re on a smaller budget.

Plan, Plan and Plan some more

The devil is in the detail and that’s definitely right when it comes to booking any type of event. Double checking and even triple checking everything is in place weeks before the day will definitely make everything run as smooth as possible.

Don’t leave organising everything until the last minute.

Getting the guest list right

Make sure the people you want there are there & make sure you get the ball rolling months before the event. Preplanning will help make sure your date is in their diary.

Having a back up plan

You don’t want to need it but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. With the weather in the UK being so unpredictable, there’s always a chance no matter what time of year you’re planning your corporate golf day, the day could have to be cancelled. There’s website’s online who offer event cancellation insurance should the unexpected happen.

That’s why it’s important to have a plan B.

Entertainment for others

Hosting your day at a country club which has several activities for guests is definitely an option to consider. Depending on your event, you may have everyone who just wants to hit the course but for days where there’s other guests consider asking them and giving them a few choices of what they’d like to do.

Aim to Impress

Take the steps to make sure your golf day is professional. You need to have someone in charge of the day who know’s about golf and can help the day run smoothly. It’s not just the golf you have to worry about, how will you greet the guests, where do they go when they arrive? What about after the golf is over, what’s the plan for that?

Focus on your brand


Yes, the golf day is all about having fun but one of the main reasons for organising your golf day is to get your business more exposure. Going the extra mile will always impress people and here it doesn’t have to be too much. Branded banners, flag sticks, tees and balls all add to the glamour of your event.

Get personalised polo shirts and golf balls

Getting stuff personalised is a great way to stand out and there are so many different options you can choose. If you’ve got the budget you get-go high class with the polos. For example, one of our clients chooses to get their clothing done by Richard Smith Bespoke which turned out to be a huge talking point and something everyone loved.

And let’s be honest, you’ve always wanted your company name on your balls, so get it done. Remember though to make them identifiable. You’ll want to get a few numbers on, perhaps 1-10  if there’s a lot of people or just 1-5 if there are around 50 people. Remember to get some pens too, so players can easily identify theirs.

Get some prizes people actually want to win

How many times have you been at an event and the prizes weren’t even worth entering it for. You can get your event sponsored by some local businesses and get them to throw in a prize.

But what’s better than a decent prize? How about cold, hard cash. Did you know you can offer a cash prize of up to £50,000 without actually having to have £50,000 to give someone?

That’s right, from about £350, you can offer a prize of up to about £5,000. And think about that. If there are 100 people at the event that’s £3.50 per person. And for the £50,000 prize, your paying £7.50 per person if there are 100 people.

Do be cautious though. With the larger prizes there does need to be someone official there to witness it, so always make sure you read the terms and conditions before offering any prizes.

Make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

Make sure everyone knows what’s going on. You want to have itineraries printed out about a month in advance and ideally have it on your website too.
Here at TGS Events, what we do is collect the e-mail address of every participant and as soon as the event is organised we send out an e-mail to let every know the dates and what’s going on and what to expect.

Get someone to photograph the day.

Get someone to photograph the day. Getting photographs and videos of the day is priceless. It’s these types of images that show your business in a good light and you’re definitely going to be wanting memories of the day. You can find student photographers from a couple of hundred pounds for the day, so you’ve not got any excuses.

After Dinner Golf Speaker

Often we end the event with an after dinner guest speaker. The type of speaker you want is totally up to you, they don’t have to be in the golfing industry.

Here's an example of how we plan our corporate golf days

Whilst everything is important, the most crucial aspect of your day is the atmosphere. If the atmosphere is flat, the day will be.

Arrival and registration in Private Suite

  • Tea ,coffee and bacon rolls served
  • Club Cleaning Service

Golf Swing Clinic

  • Pre shot routine and driving accuracy
  • Consistent fairway and rescue clubs from the fairway and rough
  • Crisper iron play

Golf-10 Hole Morning Texas Scramble Team Competition

  • Fun Competition in Teams of 4 players

Short Game Clinic (Before Afternoon Play)

  • Chipping -Improved strike for distance control and consistency
  • Bunker Play –understanding the sand and how to play plugged lies

Lunch in Private Suite

  • Soup ,Sandwiches & Fries served
  • Selection of Complimentary Drinks

Golf- 18 Hole Afternoon Individual Stableford Competition

  • Individual Stableford Competition
  • On course individual par three challenge “beat the Pro”
  • Individual Player Nearest the Pin Competition
  • Individual Player Longest Drive Competition
  • Official Starter with Pa System & Radar Ball Flight Tracking from Tee Shot
  • HD Video Capture from First Tee
  • HD Action Shots from the Days Play

Open to all guests (Golfers and Non-Golfers)

  • Putting Competition
  • 4 Hole “Out of Bounds” String Event
  • Putting Green
  • Individual play

Drinks Reception in Private Suite

  • Video playback of days activities and on course play
  • Trackman & Flightscope Ball Flight

Dinner & Prize Presentation in Private Suite

  • 2 Course BBQ Banquet & Drinks

Event Concludes

Creating Flyers for your corporate golf day

If you’re doing a DIY golf day then you’ll want to have flyers. They don’t have to be printed you can get some created and use on emails and social media, you can also get some printed if you want to. You can do all of this for free, there’s a website called canva where you can create some pretty cool graphics without being a designer.

For example, look below at what you can create.

After the Golf Day has happened there's still a few things that need to be done.

We hear you. The event is over, it should be time to put your feet up and relax. But it’s important to take a few extra steps to make the event full complete.

Like the sound of a golf day but don't want to plan it?

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After hosting golf events for the last 10 years, Richard at The Golf School knows how to create your corporate golf days.


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