You’re watching golf on tv and you hear about a stimpmeter. What’s a Stimpmeter we here you ask.

A Stimpmeter is a little tools that helps you determine how fast or how slow the green speeds are on ANY golf green in the world. It’s just a 3ft piece of metal but understanding why it’s used and the calculation could help you to sink more putts.

Green keepers all over the world will be using a Stimpmeter to make sure their greens are play how they want to.

How the Stimpmeter works

  • Start by identifying a fairly flat surface on the green
  • Place the ball in to position on the Stimpmeter
  • Lift the Stimpmeter end with the ball gently with the opposite side laying on the ground
  • Keep lifting and let gravity do the rest
  • The ball runs down the Stimpmeter and on to the green.
  • Measure from the bottom end of the Stimpmeter to where your ball ended up
  • That’s the first reading
  • Repeat this process 3 times
  • Repeat the process but at the opposite end of the green
  • Add up test 1 and test 2 scores and find the average.


What does a Stimpmeter reading tell us?

  • 9 would be a good pace of green
  • 13 would be crazy fast
  • 6 would be very slow



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