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A situational analysis is a snapshot of your golf swing at a certain point in your golfing life.

Its like having a medical for the swing, without having to get undressed. Not only does it show us your swing but provides information on how you hit the ball and what happens to your ball afterwards. Its a process that tells us almost everything we need to know in order to start helping you become a better golfer.

Warm Up & Data Collection

You start off with a few warm up shots, we might even make you a coffee, whilst we set up the radar ball tracking system (Flightscope or TrackMan). As you go through your bag hitting a variety of clubs you can check on the performance of each shot on the big screen above you.

Meanwhile all the ball flight information we need is generated and stored in our system.


Once we have collected enough data from your shots we can analyse how they perform against five key variables which make up the 5 laws of ball flight [link].

We can see the speed of your swing, where on the club face you strike the ball, what angle the club face is when you hit the ball, what path the club head takes and to what degree the club face is open or closed on impact.


At this point we like to have a real conversation with students to assess how you view your game.

What you feel are your strengths and weaknesses, what improvements you would like to feel and what your ultimate golfing aims are.

You may want to increase your distance or improve accuracy, or a goal of reducing your handicap significantly, some of you might just want to cure your slice or hook or even just make a consistent connection with the ball.

Every golfer has different aims and The GolfSchool will stay true to its philosophy of teaching and coaching Golf as you want it.

Comparison and Slow Motion Playback

We compare your swing alongside that of a recognised professional using our slow motion video playback frame by frame and this can show how positional differences in the swing can affect ball flight.

Often what the eye cannot see HD cameras will highlight (the same as you see on SkySports golf coverage).

By watching your swing in slow motion we can begin to explain the mechanics of how you hit the ball and demonstrate the reasons for your ball flight, shot shape, distance and accuracy.

Lesson Plan

From the TrackMan analysis, detailed conversations about your game and the slow motion play back we can draw up a lesson plan that you are comfortable with.

We can advise you on suitable swing drills to take home with you and explain how this will help. Lesson plans could be for a certain number of lessons, a finite period of time or ongoing, much like a professional golfer does.

Whatever your requirements and needs are we’ll accommodate them in order to aid lasting improvement in your game.


The Golfschool

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