Trackman – Why guess when you can measure

How can Trackman change your game?

TrackMan provides hard data for the relationship between your swing, impact position and where the golf ball lands. It measures swing speed, angle of impact, distance, direction, and spin rates amongst 26 different parameters of club data, launch data, flight data and combine data.

Using TrackMan removes a lot of the time-consuming hours spent on the range (and the resulting guesswork) from your practise routine. TrackMan Pro will measure the full trajectory of any shot, from a 6 foot chip to a 400 yard drive, all while calculating your shot in real-time and in 3D. It has an accuracy of 1 foot per 100 yards.


What it can do for your game:

TrackMan isn’t just a measuring device, it also provides important feedback too. Using TrackMan means instead of relying on ‘feeling’ shots are better you can see it immediately through improved numbers which is more useful, meaningful, satisfying.

When a player understands their golf swing and the importance of the ball flight laws it saves time that was once spent either examining video or looking in a mirror to gauge the feel of a different movement. TrackMan is at the very root of understanding your swing and your ball strike.

How it works:

TrackMan uses radar tracking technology to measure the full trajectory of a golf shot and then provides a clear picture of shot dispersion and distance. Its software is so precise that it can accurately display how open or closed the clubface was during impact and where the impact position of the ball on the clubface was. For the swing itself, it can measure the plane and direction of the swing (in to out/out to in/square to square) as well as the angle of attack. All of which provides clear, un-arguable information that helps in game improvement.


For coaches, using TrackMan provides indisputable data. It confirms exactly what is happening at impact and enables a more trusting relationship between golfer and coach, who both see the same numbers. When a golfer makes changes, they can see it on TrackMan, which can both validate change and confirm improvement. This makes for more positive, efficient coaching sessions, where all the guesswork has been removed.


Using TrackMan helps develop that trust in a safe environment because the numbers are there and because the numbers are correct, it reaffirms the coach/student relationship.

TrackMan isn’t just numbers, for golfers who want to see what their swing is doing, in either real time or in slow motion, the high definition playback functions will help illustrate what is going on at every point in the swing, including overlaying lines and being able to pinpoint specific movements. Many of the world’s best coaches utilise TrackMan data for their pupils including, David Leadbetter, Sean Foley, Denis Pugh, Jim McLean and Pete Cowan. And some of the best known professionals also use TrackMan as part of their practice including, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood, Luke Donald, Ian Poulter, Suzann Petterson and Yani Tseng.

TrackMan has been designed to monitor and measure the most important position in the swing – the impact position. For years golfers have sought swing changes that moved hands higher, rotated hips and looked to control swing paths. This often overlooked the fundamental truth of returning the clubface back to its proper impact position.

The GolfSchool can help you do this and develop your game quicker and more effectively than hours of aimless ball-hitting on the range. Call us on 0161 478 5620 for a practise session or a situational analysis and start improving your golf game.


Trackman Combine: Have you ever wondered just how much better the pros are in ball striking and distance control?

Do you know if you can handle pressure shots? Taking a TrackMan Combine test will show you how close you are to the abilities of your favourite golfers and what you need to do to get there. TrackMan Combine is a standardised test that enables you to identify where you can improve your golf game.

The test comprises of 60 shots played to 10 different targets. This means hitting 6 shots to distances of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and then hitting driver. Every shot you hit is analysed, measured and given a score out of 100. After completing the TrackMan Combine test golfers can immediately get feedback and receive an overall aggregate score.

It will also give you a score for each part of the test, show your average distance from the pin (of each yardage) and tell you where you rank within your peer/handicap group. A PDF report containing all the data, and access to leaderboards around the world, is stored on where it can be viewed at any time. The TrackMan Combine database consists of thousands of scores from major champions to 25 handicappers and everywhere in between and is a proven tool in helping lower scores.

By identifying strengths or weaknesses in your game will help provide the right information to start creating tailored lesson plans and practise sessions which focus on the parts of your game that need improvement. Results from TrackMan show there is a definite relationship in increased Test score and a lowering in handicap. When your score goes up your handicap is sure to go down.

Do you crack under pressure?”

It also shows just how capable you are when under pressure to perform. Does your swing hold up during the heat of competition? Having a TrackMan Combine session with friends also puts an end to the great debate of who is the better ball striker, who hits the ball the furthest and who can keep the calmest when it matters most. Players like Justin Rose, Jason Dufner, Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter and even Tiger Woods use TrackMan Combine tests on a regular basis to assess how ‘dialled in’ their game is and identify the impact of any swing changes. It also serves as a ‘fun’ way to practice.

Hundreds of other top professionals use TrackMan to monitor their performance and this technology is available to every golfer, just like you. The TrackMan Combine challenge takes just 35 minutes and the results are immediate. It can provide you with a litmus test telling you where your game is at and provide a benchmark to start improving your golf game. If you want to try the TrackMan Combine test and challenge yourself, Luke Donald or your friends, call us on 0161 478 5620 to book your session. Test yourself and start playing golf, as YOU want it.


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