Driving ranges in Manchester are full of golfer's not improving. Don't be one of them.

If you’re not practising correctly, going to driving ranges is pointless.

Are you searching for a driving range in Manchester to have fun or improve?

If you’re searching for a driving range in Manchester you’re in the right place.

Here at The Golf School, we’ve been helping to fix badly learnt swings since the 90s and we know a thing or two about golfers. We see golfer’s going to the driving range, watching youtube videos, repeating, so what’s the problem with this? For 80% of golfers it just DOESN’T work.

If you’ve been going to the driving range and seeing no progress in your game, it’s time to make a change. That change starts with golf lessons. If you’ve never seen a golfing professional, now is the time, going to driving ranges without knowing what to do can severely damage your game.

Discover why some golfers succeed whilst other’s crumble

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Why the driving range is making you bad at golf.

The one common thing that unites every single golfer at the driving range is that they all want to improve. What’s the point of playing a round of golf that can last four hours plus if all you’re going to be doing is hacking the ball around the course and ending up with scores way over 100?

Be honest with yourself, do you find that the next time you go out on the course is the time everything going to magically click in to place. That you’re just going to smash the ball down the centre of the fairway on a par 4, hit the green and sink the putt in one? This can happen but it’s not going to be happening regularly.

People play golf for different reasons but there’s always a few things that everyone wants.

  1. To enjoy playing golf
  2. To score as low as possible
  3. To get a hole in one
  4. To have more confidence

There’s players out there who play bad and enjoy the game and there’s people who play well but are disappointed they didn’t play better.

But to get lower scores? What’s the key to unlocking the secrets of golf?

What is going to the driving range doing to my game?

The truth is many golfers are going to the driving range on a regular basis without seeing any improvement and in some cases players are regressing. We’re not saying driving ranges suck or that they are bad for everyone but the way they are used is not benefiting the customers game. But if you’re one of those people who’s going to the driving range on a regular basis and aren’t seeing improvement, you’ve really got to make a change in the way you’re going about improving your game.

We're like a driving range in Manchester but here players actually make progress

How many times have you sacked off going to the driving range because it’s too cold? It happens. Even with playing golf, there’s those of us who just love to play in the more perfect conditions when it’s not freezing or torrential rain.

The solution to this is simple. Find an indoor golf teacher who has the same conditions all year round.At the range you wrap up, get hitting, get too hot, layer down get too cold… you see the routine.

Hearing everyone else’s conversations and there’s super informative tips

Finding the best driving ranges in Manchester

  1. Bowlee Park Driving Range
  2. Bloomers & Swingers Astley

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