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Group Golf Lessons

People learn in different ways. Some prefer to go all out while others want to take smaller steps. Our group golf lessons are a simple, affordable way for you to get in to golf or to start improving your game. From just £15 per session we can help take your game from it’s current position to one that you’ll be happy with.

Weather Independence: Indoor golf lessons are not affected by weather conditions, allowing you to practice and receive instruction year-round. This is especially advantageous in regions with extreme weather or during the offseason, ensuring consistent practice and improvement.

State-of-the-Art Simulators: We provide detailed feedback on your swing, ball flight, and clubhead data. These tools offer a more comprehensive analysis of your game compared to traditional outdoor lessons, helping you pinpoint areas for improvement more accurately.

Focused Learning Environment: Indoor lessons provide a controlled and distraction-free environment, enabling both you and your instructor to concentrate solely on your golf game. Without the external factors present on a golf course, you can better focus on refining your technique and making necessary adjustments.

Extended Practice Hours: Indoor facilities often have flexible operating hours, allowing you to schedule lessons at your convenience, even during evenings or weekends. This flexibility can accommodate busy schedules and make it easier to commit to regular practice and instruction.

Get to grips with the basics

Our aim or purpose is to help you progress , we want you to be out on the course having fun and enjoying your golf. We will teach you the basics of the stance and set up , whether you have never played before or are an experienced player it always starts with good fundamentals.

Solid Fundamentals – Individual Swing Recommendations

Our ABC approach will take you through the whole bag. We explain the rules and new changes , teach you how to drive right the way to putting with all the shots that may occur in between. Our aim is to get you playing the type of golf you’ve always dreamt off.

What’s included with our group golf lessons?

Our group lessons are a great way to start your golfing journey and improve your golf. We offer the same great tuition at a lower cost and the group format also helps you to meet other people of a similar level.

We work with small groups (maximum 6) and cover all aspects of the game. Our aim is to get you playing on to the golf course with confidence as soon as we can!

Rules & Etiquette

Don’t embarrass yourself out on the course. Get to know the latest rules & etiquette to make sure your playing the game correctly & can get on with other golfers.

Free club hire

If you’ve not got your own clubs yet but are still feeling a bit of golf, we offer free club hire so get yourself down here. All we ask is that you have a positive attitude and are willing to learn the game of golf.

Aims, Grips, Stance & posture

Posture & stance are vital in golf. We can help you to develop the basics to provide a solid foundation for you to start becoming a better golfer. You wouldn’t believe the amount of golfer’s who don’t even aim correctly.

4 Weeks Coaching

For just £40 per month, get one lesson a week to help you achieve what you want from golf. That’s less than the price of one regular golf lesson so the saving’s here are massive.

Understanding different types of golf clubs.

From the driver to the Putter we help you to understand what every club does and which ones you are most likely to be needing to get round the golf course.

Safety guidelines & warm ups

We help inform you on the best practices to get warmed up before getting on the course. Starting with cold muscle’s isn’t putting you in the best position to perform.

Distance, loft & trajectory

Learn all about the flight of the golf ball and understand when you should be using higher / lower shots and we’re you can get more distance on your irons and from your driver.

Golf swing fundamentals

We drive home the basics of the golf swing to help you develop your own natural golf swing. It’s not an overnight process but developing a great golf swing is certainly attainable.

Putting fundamentals

Putting equates to 30-40% of most golfers score and there is no reason why anyone cant get good at putting. Learn best methods for your body type, which putter works for you and why, how to read the slopes on the green and judging pace.

How the game is played

Learn more than just the swing learn the skills to navigate a golf course successfully and feel confident stepping out on to every tee. Here at The Golf School we’re experts in helping golfers just like you.

What’s in the golf bag?

You should aim to have 14 clubs in your bag, based on your game we can help advise you which clubs you should be investing in. With hybrids now becoming more popular there’s often no need for lower irons.

Chip & run shots around the green

The closer you get to the hole the more likely you are to sink it. That can’t be happening when you’re over shooting the green.

Pay As You Go

£15 Per Session

Pay Monthly

£40 Month
  • 4 Sessions Per Month
  • Supervised Practise Session £5 Extra

Please note, all cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours before your lesson time or a full charge will apply.


The Golfschool

Please contact us if you require more information. We offer golfer’s help with their game 7 days a week helping golfers from across the North West to achieve the golf swing that they want. You can use the contact form, send us an e-mail or give us a ring during regular business hours. If we don’t get back to you right away we’re probably teaching.

Open 7 Days a Week

Monday/Friday 7 / 21:00
Saturday 7 / 19:00
Sunday 8 / 18:00

4 Teaching Bays

Our group lessons have the capacity for four students making it perfect for learning in bite-size chunks.

20+ Years Experience

We’ve helped over 10,000 students from across the North West.

CALL: 0161 478 5620 or 07976 875 908

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