Take your game to the next level

Fine tune your swing at The Golf School

  • Experienced Golfschool P.G.A coaches
  • Most advanced teaching aids available
  • Individually designed improvement programmes
  • Supervised practice sessions by your coach

Correct Your Swing.

You know the fundamentals and now you need the extra oomph to help take your game to the next level.

Straight Forward Continual Progress

We help all levels of golfers achieve their aims and objectives in golf. Through a tailored program where we focus on your specific needs and how we can get you playing to the best of your ability. If this sounds like you, we look forward to welcoming you to The Golf School.

  • Computer video analysis bays
  • Indoor lesson putting facilities
  • On course video playing lessons
  • Real feel grass hitting surfaces
  • All equipment provided

Inspiring learning to improve your performance on the course.

You know the fundamentals and now you need the extra oomph to help take your game to the next level.

  • Mental game boosts: Put yourself in a better frame of mind
  • Short game tricks: Hit the target more from under 100 yards
  • Long game fixes: Become more confident out on the tee

How we teach at The Golf School

The coaches take learning to the next level with a holistic approach to the mind/body training of our students.

Addressing mental focus, injury prevention with fitness and physiotherapy. The Golf School utilises an array of high-tech training devices designed to enable students to recognise and achieve their optimum performance levels, which includes;

Focused Golf lessons to further your game.

We look to improve and refine your technique, offering greater understanding of your golf swing. We provide you with clear explanations on how you can achieve significant improvement and progression in your game which allows your swing to develop into one where you can become more confident out on the course and see your enjoyment levels sky rocket.

Become more accurate

• Hitting more fairways and greens
• Having a square clubface on impact
• Watch the ball go straighter

Develop a consistent golf swing

• Consistent shots – Enjoy your game more
• Start hitting more fairways & greens
• Less time in the rough

Grow in confidence

• Getting up and down from off the green
• Pitching it close
• Eliminating 3-putts and holing out

Maximise distance

• Imagine hitting the ball further
• Teeing up with greater confidence
• Find more pins – Lower your scores

Take advantage of our equipment

  • K Motion Tracking: Learn fast with immediate live feedback on every swing
  • Radar & Camera Ball Flight Monitor: See and record your actual improvements.
  • Body motion analysis: Improve your balance, consistency and power.
  • Peak coherence trainer: Get into the zone and play your best.

Using only the best in golf technology to achieve greatness from your game

A lot of our students love the gadgets we have at The Golf School. Let us break your swing down in to the most minute of details to help build a plan to help you progress. From driving to fairway play, pitching, chipping and putting, we have technology to help every area of the game.

Golf Lesson Packages

We provide lessons designed to suit your own requirements, from complete beginner to aspiring professional. The Golfschool coaches have a desire to help you improve and passion for success. The principles and methods are simple to learn and at the same time powerful, this makes practice enjoyable and playing more fun.

1 Hour Golf Lesson Per Month

  • Supervised Practice £10
  • Automated Practice £10

2 x1 Hour Lessons Per Month

  • Supervised Practice £10
  • Automated Practice £10

4 x1 Hour Lessons Per Month

  • Supervised Practice £5.00
  • Automated Practice £5.00

10 x1 Hour Lessons Package

  • Supervised Practice £5.00
  • Automated Practice FREE

Maximise your practice sessions.

Supervised Practice Times.

  • Supervised practice sessions are designed to support your lesson program and help you understand how to self-correct and develop quicker
  • We ensure that the time you spend practicing is worthwhile, we confirm your practice drills and swing thoughts are on the right lines confirming you are practicing in the best way .
  • Our coaches are available to answer any questions and clarify you are practicing the right things .
  • Supervised Practice is available to all golfers who are currently on an active program of lessons.
  • Each Practice session is 30 minutes in duration.
  • Practice sessions have a maximum of 4 Golfers
  • Please book practice sessions in advance

Monday 12:30

Wednesday 19:30

Friday 17:00

Tuesday 12:00

Thursday 13:00

Saturday 13:00


What times are you available for lessons?

The Golfschool is open 7 days a week and we aim to fit you in when you're available.

Can I bring a friend along?

Yes, if you want to you can split the lesson between you and a friend.

Do you provide golf clubs?

Yes, we have a huge amount of equipment available for students to use.

Please note, all cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours before your lesson time or a full charge will apply.


The Golfschool

Please contact us if you require more information. We offer golfer’s help with their game 7 days a week helping golfers from across the North West to achieve the golf swing that they want. You can use the contact form, send us an e-mail or give us a ring during regular business hours. If we don’t get back to you right away we’re probably teaching.

Open 7 Days a Week

Monday/Friday 7 / 21:00
Saturday 7 / 19:00
Sunday 8 / 18:00

4 Teaching Bays

Our group lessons have the capacity for four students making it perfect for learning in bite-size chunks.

20+ Years Experience

We’ve helped over 10,000 students from across the North West.

CALL: 0161 478 5620 or 07976 875 908

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