Golf Consistency

When it comes to Golf Consistency is the only consistent thing about your golf swing inconsistency?

If you’ve played the game of golf before you’ll have noticed something. It’s not easy. And not just that, it’s hard, really, really hard. So what gives? Why is golf so impossible to play?

The simple answer is because every single shot in golf is different. Think of being a footballer, if you want to practice free kicks, you can practice free kicks on a training field identical to what you’ll be using in real life circumstances. Or tennis, rugby & snooker, you can practice all day long on pretty much exact situations. Golf is different and it’s different for several reasons.

Every club in the bag is a different length which automatically rules out using the exact same swing for every club in the bag. So what does that mean?

You’re inconsistent because you haven’t learnt the correct way to approach your golf shots, your club management is terrible and your swing isn’t up to much. But don’t worry, we’re here to help transform your game and bring a level of consistency that you’re happy with and feel confident going on to the course.

Why creating a consistent golf swing is so hard?

The simple answer is because no two golf swings are the same. But what about Tiger Woods & Rory, surely they must repeat the same swing? Whilst they obviously do repeat their swings, they’ll never have two swings that are identical in every single aspect.

Think about your positioning to the golf ball. Do you stand the exact same difference every single time? In reality, you’re going to be experiencing variables up to a few millimetres at least, so if you’re positioning is changing a lot, that’s going to lead to struggles with inconsistency.

Gripping the golf club consistently isn’t something every golfer is doing. Even micro changes in grip will affect how you’re swinging the club. We all want to launch the ball down the fairway but first, you have to create a swing you’re happy with. This can’t be done at 200mph.

One of the biggest reasons golfers struggle is that they are always trying to hit the ball too hard. This is true for a lot of golfers, we recently had a student who was playing well with his short irons, but driving and long irons were terrible with no consistency.

He was performing well with his short game because he wasn’t trying to whack the ball to the moon. He had a controlled swing and sent the ball where he intended whereas with the driver he was sending the ball 50 yards left or right, wherever it was, it wasn’t straight

Relaxing your body & developing a rhythm.

This is one aspect that golfers often over look. Golf is all about being in the right state of mind for 4 hours and being super focused for about 60 minutes whilst taking your shots.

If you’re feeling stressed, or you’re tensing up when you’re swinging a club, that’s going to breed inconsistency and it’s not going to help your game. When you’re playing golf you need to have a clear head and be focused on the game.

Eating better will help improve consistency.

What you eat, before & during a game off golf will have an effect on your performance levels. If you’re not hydrated properly and you’ve eaten something that has no nutrients in, then you’re not feeling your body correctly to get through the 4 hours of golf you need to.

Getting a good nights sleep will help improve consistency.

Overlooked but critical. Great sports stars done go out partying before playing golf and nor should you. To be in the best physical condition possible you’ve got to have a good night’s sleep before playing golf.

Why? REM sleep helps you to release hormones and improve memory and there’s research out there that suggests because of lack of sleep, your body creates more levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Also, depriving yourself of sleep can decrease the production of carbs and glycogen in our body. Carbs & glycologen are stored in the human body to be used when energy is needed.

So lack of sleep makes you feel worse, with low energy levels and makes it harder to focus and you’re expecting to have a good golf swing?

How grip pressure affects consistency.

Gripping a golf club too tightly can be detrimental to your game. Forgetting about wearing the grips down 10 times faster, gripping the club too tight is wrong.

But there’s also the golfers out there who are gripping to weak and that’s just as bad.

Your golf grip should have some markers on where you should be gripping the club. Find your position and keep it.
The amount of pressure you should be applying is about midrange.

So take a weak golf grip and one thats too firm and meet in the middle. Golfers often liken this too a tube of tooth paste, what happens if you squeeze too loosely or too tightly? You’re either going to have no tooth paste come out or you’re going to have tooth paste oozing out of the top.


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