Making Golf Safer

Learn golf in an environment that’s 99% safe from the Corona Virus.

Safe Golf Lessons and the way it will work.

We have spoken with senior consultants and surgeons with NHS and run our process by them , they have all said it offers significant less risk than going to the supermarket and suggest 99% risk free .


  1. Wash doors with bleach. All accesses doors will be sprayed with bleach , left for 10 mins for bleach to kill all virus on hard  surfaces and then blasted with high pressure steam 130 c (266 Fahrenheit ) . (212 Fahrenheit kills the virus )
  2. Bring your own clubs. You will be required to bring your own club and ball (equipment)or if you need one both will be cleaned in the same way prior to your arrival  (your own would help if you have them , if not will clean them for you and offer a deposit system of £20 for the club and ball which we will deduct from your purchase of clubs when we agree the timing on that if required) .
  3. Contact free coaching. We will book your appointment exclusively  when no one else is here or has been for at least 15 mins  before you arrive , we have two filters in the room , one full HEPA filter and one air free filter which reaches 414 Fahrenheit to blast all virus particles in the air. This system fully cleans the air four times  per hour , hence the 15 minute  gap between clients .
  4.  Wash your hands when entering. You will enter the room and  please wash your hands to follow government guidelines in the toilet in the corner of our school .
  5. Social distancing adhered to in class. On the first mat nearest my desk the ball flight monitors will be operational and also the video analysis system , we will be working this remotely from 4-5 meters away  so the only items you should touch are the club and ball in your possession , as we mentioned before if you need those items they will be waiting for you on your teaching mat , make sure you take them with you when you leave .
  6. Good to go. Once you have washed your hands, we can begin our session , using the video and ball flight software and new full golf course simulator and chipping greens.

Teaching / Learning Golf and being safe from CoronaVirus

You will have a fully interactive service via remote access from me , zero contact with any other people ,  the two doors you enter will have been completely sterilised before you arrive , all other items in the room are also blasted in between each session for your piece of mind along with the toilet, door handles , sink and taps etc.

I hope you find that acceptable and feel we could run this and see how we feel.
I will also support this with video calls and webinars at home to keep things progressing.

Extra safety precaution’s to help protect you from COVID-19 :

  • Hand sanitiser is also available for you to use
  • We have disposable gloves but feel you might struggle to hold your club if using these and if you are using your own equipment will probably not be required
  • If you feel you would like to wear a mask, please let me know but please be aware that you may get too hot
  • If you would like us to wear a mask,  we have a virustatic shield mask which is sprayed with a virus protectant and safest mask in the market other than the full-face complete gas mask.

We  hope this all helps and prepares you for a much safer lesson or practice experience


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