There is a point in every golfer’s season, from a weekend golfer to a professional tour pro, that a slight niggle of something physically wrong starts to creep its way further into the swing and effects the score average. Within this article we will delve into some basic preventative steps that you can take which will help reduce the chance of you suffering from an injury and the devastating affect it will have to your consistency, accuracy and distance.

Posture. When we refer to posture, one needs to remember that posture comes in two forms – static and dynamic. The way you hold yourself and the way your body moves. Both have an impact on the whole golfing game with muscular synergy and the balance in strength between muscle groups playing an important role. If either of these aspects are imbalanced, then an injury may become highly likely.

Health. It goes without saying that the healthier you are the less prone to injury you will be, but what does that really mean? Firstly, I will check your blood pressure, I always check any new golfer I see and regularly review my existing golfers. Then ensure that you are getting enough cardiovascular exercise each week, at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Good CV health is one of the best tools you will have in injury prevention and injury recovery. Just as important is to ensure you’re getting the correct nutrition and that you have a healthy body composition, as a bad one will not only put stress on your body but also have a massive effect on your entire golfing game.

Correct equipment. Your clubs are an extension of your body, so make sure that they are the correct length with a grip that is the best fit for you. Modern clubs are now designed to absorb the vibrations of the impact lessening the effect to your body, so ditch those old steel shafted clubs. Finally, ensure that your clothing will keep you comfortable while allowing full range of motion.

Coaching. Having a good golf swing is important for winning competitions, but what is more important is ensuring that your swing is not aggravating an underlying issue because if that issue becomes an injury, then you won’t even make it to the first tee. So, a good coach like the ones I work with at The Golf School will be able to implement adaptations to your swing to lessen the strain on your body. For example, a coach will alter the feet placement of a golfer so that the force across the knees and lower back is dissipated more efficiently lowing the risk of injury.

Practice. I have had several golfers who come to me with issues relating to overuse. I find it very ironic that golf is based on your ability to make it around the course using as fewer shots as possible, yet when practicing, golfers take enough shots to make it ten times around a golf course. Everyone of those shots will have an impact on your body and as you get tired the impact it has on you will only increase. So, to prevent injuries, slow down, take your time with every shot and focus on one skill at a time.

You can improve your game and your health by working on all the above points. You can do this by visiting your local golf pro and fitness performance coach.


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